Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fight Photo!

My friend finally e-mailed me a picture after my boxing match this past December. Danny Bonaduce was kind enough to emcee the event and let me take a photo with him!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Prospectin' fer GOLD!

My friend, Karl, took me gold prospecting near Washington, CA at Poor Man's Creek - one of the best nugget producing creeks during California's Gold Rush. The whole area, including the Washington Hotel, is supposed to be haunted. In the first video, Karl is talking to the Hotel's owner about a brief experience he had. In the second video...we were digging in the site where Karl had his experience the week before. It was very exciting when the metal detector went wild and I thought we hit the jackpot thanks to a possible ghost. Our friend, Robert, and his dog joined us later for more gold searchin'. Needless to say we returned home without the huge nugget we were hoping would let us retire early...but it was a fun adventure! (note to readers...videos will be uploaded soon - technical difficulties)