Saturday, July 12, 2008

You be the judge!

Amy vs. Clay. Which one is which? See....can't hardly tell the difference! :)

Pix of my family from Megan's wedding...

My whole family was together for Megan's wedding so we had a lovely group photo taken. My sister, Amy, used to shave her head and is finally growing her hair out. She showed up the night before the wedding in a fun crazy outfit complete with tophat. She finally removed the hat and we teased her saying she looked like Clay Aiken. And then a couple of beautiful shots of us 3 sisters...except when I got something stuck in my teeth and had to use one of the straws from the cocktail hour to relieve my gums...CLASSY!

Pix from my Cousin's wedding in NC

So my cousins, Megan & Scott (brother and sister) both got married this year in North Carolina....not to each other, though! :) Scott got married to Beth in April and Megan married Rick in June. It was great getting together with the family on each occasion. My sister, Kelly, sent me some of the photos. These pix are from Scott's wedding at a gorgeous old castle. They had a chocolate fondue fountain!!!!! Loved that and so did Megan's man, Rick! And finally a pic of me and Kelly.